i don't miss breathing.

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Today I’m alright,  no thanks to you.

Today I’m alright, no thanks to you.

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"Feel Good Inc" - Gorillaz

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Beach Community - Joyce Manor

I lost it all in a beach community,
Where it was lost is not all that clear to me.
Over the sidewalk, into a slow talk.
Call the police!
Told me I’m in the wrong town.
Wait for your cue ‘cause my scene it ain’t over.
Torch up your house while your kids are at home.
What can you do when you’re not getting sober?
It’s hard to admit but you’re always feeling alone.
A few miles down as the streets count backwards, I realize it’s true.
Everything reminds me of you.

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joyce manor by ally newbold l www.allynewbold.com


joyce manor by ally newbold l www.allynewbold.com

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Title Fight | Make You Cry

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Sweater Dress on Etsy
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…and the sad thing is,
I can’t destroy myself without thinking of you.

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I almost thought you needed me back.

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